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             Fannie Annie, everybody's favourite aunt, walkabout character FANNIE ANNIE

Fannie Annie is the 'glam granny' who just loves to socialise! As a colourful and playful entertainer Fannie Annie will brighten up any event, whether it is targeted at families or adults.

Specialising in walkabout comedy, playful flirting, and 'fun' close-up magic tricks, Fannie Annie is everyone's favourite 'batty aunt'. With a twinkle in her eye and a feather duster always to hand she will clean and sparkle her way through your event causing colourful mayhem and laughter for all ages.

Fannie Annie is a great act for family fun days and adult events alike (suitable for club work), and perfect for promotions of all types... in fact, any event with lots of 'children' in attendance - no matter how old those 'children' may actually be!


  medieval walkabout act       medieval peasants    Medieval Peasants for walkabout entertainment



A very unusual walkabout act. A bright colourful box is "placed" in the street, when suddenly it develops legs and begins to walk around. This is an  amazing piece of interactive clowning.  What or who is in the box?  What is it doing in my street? Can I talk to it?  Will it talk to me? There are as many interpretations of this as there are people who come into contact with it.

Available as a solo act, or with another fully interactive performer.



   Man in a Box, comedy walkabout   Man in a Box with assistant - walkabout act  


French accordian player walkabout act

Jean-Luc may well be more French than ......... le Camembert ...... but his Parisian talents are far from cheesy. The cafes of Paris are brought straight to your doorstep, as the eccentric Jean-Luc (a close relative of Amelie) cultivates a distinctly French atmosphere at events, and has always a few things to say in his native Franglais..... tres chique.
- Receptions & Parties 
- Launches 
- French themed events 

French accordian player also available on stilts

Also available as a stiltwalking walkabout performer.


Watch out...The Wardens are about!!!!

Colin and Tom Jones (Not “THE” Tom Jones!) are twin brothers. From a very young age they would play for hours on end at being Wardens. Impounding each other’s toy cars and clamping the rocking horse or prosecuting each other for any minor misdemeanour they could think of. It was no surprise that they became fully fledged Wardens when they grew up. But some say they take their job just a little too seriously.

No one is safe! They have been empowered with the jurisdiction to enforce any rule or law they see fit. These may include: Breathing too loudly, Walking on the cracks in the pavement without a permit, walking without due care and attention, wearing a loud shirt in a built up area, possession of an offensive child, whistling or humming an infectious song, walking whilst using a mobile phone, or stopping in a no stopping area. Cars and pushchairs can fall foul of bad parking, speeding, balding tyres, or simply be pulled over for a random safety check! Watch out or you may find that you end up with a ticket! 

Immaculately turned out, they wear their uniforms with pride. The Wardens are loud, bold and colourful and will gather crowds as they administrate their ridiculous rules and regulations. Perfect for any event indoors or out.

The Wardens size up their next victims    The Wardens never miss a photo opportunity


   Swashbuckle character walkabout performers The Fight! SWASHBUCKLE

Walking around your event, Swash and Buckle the two flamboyant fops parade in all their finery. They might occasionally feel the urge to fight each other in a duel.  Whom knows what will happen?




Mr Tillitson and Mr Stapleton in the walkabout comedie "A Christmas Carriage" or "What the Dickens!" 

This perambulating, pantomimic parody is guaranteed to induce
paroxysms of pleasure and palpitations.
A peripatetic, palladium packed with
puddings ! puns ! and pyrotechnics !!

Can Scratchit save Scrooge from the Ghosties ?
Will he be grabbed by the Ghoulies ?
This walkabout show is an irreverent look at the world of Ebeneezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit. It is available for Christmas Events, Dickensian Doos, Victorian Fayres and late-night shopping.

Christmas Cariage walkabout  What the Dickens, a Dickensian walkabout act  


The Tourists arive in your town

Terry and Derek Bell (AKA Tel and Del Bell) are good old salt of the Earth, lovable East end cockney geezers. Truth is they don’t get out of London much. In fact this is their first time!
Having won a competition in “The Sun” newspaper to attend your event, in your town, they are completely besides themselves with happiness. Enjoy the delights of watching Tel and Del as they Marvel at all the new and exciting things they find on their first trip away. Always on the lookout for a good photo to take home and show the family! Always after a bit of sunshine to top up the ever reddening tan! And always after some decent chips with a nice bit of gravy and mushy peas!
The Tourists are loud and hilarious, cheeky and charming. Full of spontaneous wit and some good old jokes. 
They are a hit at any event.

The Tourists .... Where are we again?


Electroglide angels.


An amazing "Walkabout" act - well really more of a "Glideabout"
These Electroglide Angels look absolutely amazing as they effortlessly glide around your performance area.  How do they do it? If only David Blaine was this clever!!!
Available as 1,2 or 3 angels, they really have to be seen to be believed.
Other similar acts feature: Neptune being transported by Dolphins.



The idea walkabout act for Christmas, or a Wedding are these amazing balloon modelling angels. Immaculate costumes, extremely experienced balloon modellers, this duo can provide just the entertainment you require.

Also available solo.

Also available as stiltwalkers.

A collection od Christmas angels.


Angus unicyclist and juggler   Tim, highly skilled versatile walkabout performer

Angus is one of many general circus performers who can offer a variety of skills for general walkabout entertainment, He offers, juggling, unicycling, some magic, poi, diabolo etc....

Tim is another highly skilled all round entertainer. His skills include: juggling, unicycle, stilts, magic, devil stick with a normal stick and also a tennis racquet etc.

We have a wide variety of skilled walkabout performers available all around the country. 


The Invisible Man - 


Show Description:

The Invisible Man (T.I.M.) is a unique and visually awe-inspiring act. TIM is a multi-skilled performer that gives you a walkabout act and a magic cabaret all in one, producing outbreaks of laughter, gasps of amazement and occasional startled screams wherever he goes.


TIM is totally professional, reliable and adaptable. He can 'appear' at any corporate or private event, however big or small, to amuse and mesmerise your guests or make your product truly and unforgettably visible

Surreal and hilarious magic
TIM is an expert in visual comedy magic. Whatever he touches becomes invisible, wands pass through his body as if there was no one there! TIM’s magic strolling repertoire includes 8 foot pole out of a 3 inch pocket, toilet paper mystery, ghost in a hanky and ‘bottle through body’.
Mentalism at its most amusing
The Invisible Man has an uncanny power of "seeing through" people to divine their thoughts or tell them their innermost secrets – especially if character readings are requested. He will predict people’s actions or make them predict his. Though apparently headless he will memorise a whole deck of shuffled cards in less then three minutes!
T.I.M. can also welcome guests, serve drinks, dance, mime and contact juggle.

TIM The Invisible Man, suitcase mime

T.I.M. The Invisible Man, Loo Roll Mystery

TIM The Invisible Man, Corporate magician and entertainer

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