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Thought Reading
Psychological Influence
Action & Behaviour Prediction
Body Language Reading
Lie Detection
Psycho kinesis

LOOCH can provide close up and walk around Mind reading and psychological influence for weddings, private and corporate parties.
 Thought reading, Body Language reading Spoon bendingPsychological Influence
Imagine for a moment, being told things that exist solely in your mind that no-one could possibly know. Having your actions predicted before you have made them, or even having your watch change to a time that exists only in your mind! 
This is a unique and very powerful form of entertainment, this is not the regular white rabbits and top hat magic of yesteryear, this is a new, fresh and modern form of mystifying entertainment. Looch will ensure a memorable and fascinating night to you and all of your guests. 

Looch  has made a conscious decision to leave behind the traditional aspects of magic to focus on little known and somewhat underground techniques that were years ago associated with the paranormal and supernatural. He as developed many strange and talked about Psychological skills that always leave his audience both entertained and inspired. 

Testimonials for Looch:
"Better than Derren Brown.  You should have your own TV show"  Frances Finn   BBC Radio
"The Force is strong with this one"  David Prowse
"This guy is awesome"  Metallica

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Szymon looking through coinSzymon with coin on fingerSimon producing ribbons fro mouth
Close- up magic
Close- up magic (micro-illusion) is one of the most difficult types of illusion. All the tricks are presented very near to the audience, it is more true and realistic. The onlooker is able to participate during a performance, touch things and look at things.
Micro-illusion is excellent for any in-door gathering – banquets, parties in restaurants or private celebrations. 
Available in Polish or English.

Szymon with sponge ballsSzymon doing rubber band magicSzymon producing silks

SZYMON can also offer Stand Up for larger events and also children's parties.  Again, available in either Polish or English


"Brendon Selley
Unusual Magic for Special Occasions.

Brendon is a rising star in the world of magic, his unique blend of theatrics in the close up and strolling arena getting him acclaim from across the world.
Whether he's performing some of the old classics in a refined wine bar setting, or tearing razorblades out of his throat in biker bars, you can be sure that Brendon can offer you something different and new for your event.

Brendon Selley magician

Brendon Selley stritjacket escape

Brendon Selley Dark Magician

"Attention entertainment planners!!! If you are looking for something VERY different for your event, STOP! You have just found your entertainment solution!
Brendon is a very promising new magician - watch out for this guy"
Jeff McBride, Las Vegas Headliner.

It doesn't just stop there though, with an intriguing blend of old fashioned freak show, pure mind boggling magic and the ability to escape from a straitjacket in less time than it takes to pour a perfect pint of Guinness, Brendon (also an ex European Karate champion) has what it takes to turn *your* event into something your friends and colleagues will be talking about for quite some time."


Howard - Pickpocket and Magician

Howard...pickpocket    Howard...magician    Howard...magician    Pickpocket and Magician

Ingredients for a Close Up Magician

Add a measure of bafflement,
A dash of brilliance.
Crumble in laughs and gasps
Finally add a pinch of charisma. 

Howard has and will supply all of 
these and more!

Imagine for one moment?

A thought of playing card appearing 
trapped inside a balloon that you held!

A signed playing card is lost and then 
found stuck upon the ceiling!

Chinese coins appear between cards. 
Right before your eyes!

Thinking of a memorable occasion only 
to find that it matches the 
printed one in Howard’s wallet!

Your ring being borrowed and then under 
severe scrutiny it vanishes 
and reappears inside a lemon!

Howard has performed professionally
for many years for a number of corporate 

Including Asda, Childline, BMW 
and Leeds University to name 
but a few!

From Howard’s entrance, you'll know instantly that this is something unexpected and different. 

A versatile performer with many years experience, 
Howard is an adept sleight-of-hand artist turned comedian. 

Under the guise of comedy-magic, Howard secretly picks 
the pockets of his
unsuspecting victims sorry (volunteers). 

To the delight of the whole audience, he deftly 
lifts watches and wallets, 
even ties and belts.

The hilarious manner in which these articles are returned makes a fitting climax to the fun. 

Howard can also appear at corporate receptions and 
private parties posing as a guest, waiter etc, while 
he mingles and strolls with your guests and procures 
watches, wallets and ties. 

As Howard is a close up magician objects may go 
missing whilst he bamboozles your guests with his 
extensive repertoire of tricks and effects. 

Please note guests have to apply in writing to obtain belongings back. 
(imagine that!) 

No seriously everything is given back in an amusing 
and startling manner!


If the performer you are interested in isn't listed, don't worry.  Please contact us and we will endeavour to fulfil your requirements.

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